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Artful Cakes, Rich in Beauty and in Taste
Starting Out
Having grown up in the kitchen, my Grannie taught me everything from frying chicken to making an awesome blueberry cobbler. My Mother also had a great hand in the kitchen. I have learned from the best and they always made returning home for holiday dinners all the more rewarding.

Rolling up my sleeves
While working full time, I enrolled in The Institute of Culinary Education (formerly Peter Kump) in New York City where I studied culinary primarily and baking, secondarily. I soon learned fois gras (don't ask!) was not my forte and decided to focus solely on baking.

After graduation, I interned at two bakeries where I mainly frosted cakes in a uniform fashion and made endless batches of batter. I have found that in order to get to where you are going, there will be times when you have to prove your worth at fulfilling some less desirable and menial tasks. Instead of dwelling on the have-nots, I continuously noted the day-to-day operations of the kitchen and quickly learned many of the tricks of trade. I combined the knowledge and experience I attained at the bakeries with a lot of independent study and practice. When I wasn't at the bakery, I diligently read cake publications and took a few decorating classes. I would then spend time in the kitchen (and still do) experimenting with recipes - all the while trying to create confections that are most pleasing to the palette and not bad on the eye! ;0

Turning Passion into Profit
My dear Mother and Grannie have both since passed the spoon on to me and I only hope to continue the custom of bringing fine confections to the table. For those who know me, they will attest that I put a lot of thought, effort, time and love into each confection, hoping to make the next one better than the last. 

I enjoy serving in this capacity and it truly blesses me to know that Cakes By Tracey has blessed you.

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