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Cakes By Tracey
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We are a small, but growing ever so rapidly online cake shop! If you phone us, and don't speak to us right away, please leave a message as its likely we are busily preparing cakes. Emails and phone calls will be returned within two business days. Thank you so much for your patronage!

Please contact us at 301.751.4870 or [email protected].  

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We do not recommend long distance travel (one or more hours) with cakes. In transit, please sit cake box flat on the floor of the vehicle. Cake box should be positioned so that it doesn't move while in transit. Please do not sit cake on the seat as that leaves it in a tilted /angled position, which may cause an adverse effect on the cake. In warm climates, please ensure your vehicle is fully air-conditioned. The cake should be transported directly to its final destination and kept in an air conditioned room if the temperate is above 70 degrees. Please keep refrigerated if necessary and remove 1.5 hours prior to party time.

Cakes By Tracey is not responsible for any damage incurred to client transported cakes, or cakes that are compromised due to adverse weather conditions, i.e., warm temperatures, high humidity, rain, or if cake is moved after set up. etc. 

​Please keep in mind, that custom cakes are delicate and should always be handled with care. 
Client Transported Cakes