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How do I place an order?​ 
Generally, speaking we require a minimum of 48-72 hours' notice for our simply decorated buttercream covered cakes.  We require at least one week's notice for our specialty cakes, which are more custom decorated.  Orders are based upon availability as we do not stock ready-to-purchase cakes.  Occasionally, we are able to squeeze in last minute orders, so we always say, contact us -- it doesn't hurt to ask.  If we can accommodate you, we will be more than glad to do so. 

Our cakes are priced per serving and that is based on the flavors, number of servings and design.  Orders may be placed by phone at 301.751.4870 or you may contact us by email at  [email protected].  We generally respond within two business days. 

The details of your order will be emailed to you for review and approval.  Once you've consented, we will email you a final confirmation and secure a  50% non refundable deposit or full payment, depending on your total cost.  A mutually convenient time for pick up or delivery will be noted in your email.  Please note your order is not confirmed until we receive deposit or payment.

I would like to order a special occasion cake and would like to know if I could meet with you to discuss the design, etc.
Unfortunately, we are a small but growing online baking shop.  We have a very small staff and we do not have the resources to meet with you in person.  We, however, will be glad to discuss your cake order via phone, text and email and we follow up with a detailed email for you to review and approve before placing your order. 

How do you accept payment?  How about delivery?
We prefer cash, Zelle, CashApp or money orders.  We do accept Visa and MasterCard, and all credit cards payments are subject to a 3% surcharge.  We do not take personal checks, unless they are received within two weeks of your order due date. We deliver, upon availability.  Delivery starts at $35.00.

I see you are closed on Sundays. May I still get a cake for that day?
Yes. Should you want a cake for an event that is held on a Sunday, you may either pick it up or have it delivered on the Saturday before. We will provide you with storage instructions and anything else that will pose helpful. We fully guarantee its quality by the time it is served. 

Wedding Cakes 

May I get an estimate on my cake prior to my appointment?
If you have a cake design already picked out, please feel free to email us the design, the number of guests you are anticipating, and the date/time of the wedding reception. We'll in turn, be more than glad to give you an estimate. 

How do I set up a tasting/consultation?
Please call us at 301.751.4870  or email us at [email protected] to get further details on availability, samples, etc.  Tasting consultations are $25.00 and if you decide to contract with our company, that $25.00 is credited to the cost of your wedding cake. 

Are there any specific ways to minimize costs without compromising flavor and presentation?
Yes. We offer "kitchen cakes" that supplement your presentation cake, starting at $4.00 per serving. Here's an example of how kitchen cakes work:  If you are anticipating 150 guests, we would offer you a two-tiered presentation cake that feeds approximately 60. Now, to make up the remaining servings, we then would offer you our kitchen cake, which is priced from $4.00 per serving. The kitchen cake is decorated in butter cream and trimmed with a string of butter cream beads. Its quality, flavor and serving dimensions are identical to that of the presentation cake. It is primarily set aside and/or stored in the kitchen of your banquet hall until time to cut and serve the cake to your guests. 

We realize that we've only answered a few of your questions here, so please feel free to contact us at 301.751.4870 with further inquiries.  

Thank you kindly!

Frequently Asked Questions